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The Axis: Reloaded
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Welcome to
The Axis: Reloaded.

Your moderators are: jenovasynthesis, sadnessofthings, & pinkissimo.

The Axis: Reloaded is the new, improved version of axis_of_uglies. New look, new mods, and no bullshit. This community works the same as most every "hot or not" type community... You join, you post pics, the members vote on you, and you're either stamped or rejected. Once you're stamped, you are allowed to vote on the pics of new applicants. If you're rejected, you will be banned.

Now, here are the rules...

1. As soon as you join you MUST post pictures. Otherwise you run the risk of being banned before you even do so.

2. NO T&A SHOTS ACCEPTED. Do not use your naughty bits to try to sway the voting, or you will be banned. Once you have been stamped, then and only then will you be allowed to post such.

3. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE. DO NOT NEGLECT TO NOTICE THIS AS IT IS STRICTLY ENFORCED. You MAY NOT comment or vote on the posts of others until AFTER you have been stamped. Doing so = instantaneous ban. You may comment on your own post, but no others.

4. Do not post links to your pictures, as these will be ignored and you will be banned. Images must be directly embedded into the post, and there must be at least one clear face shot. Use an LJ-cut for multiple photos.

5. DO NOT flame the moderators' journals. You will only be banned there as well, and most likely reported to LJabuse.

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about what the Axis means to you. axis_of_uglies was originally created as a community for those who were rejected by nonuglies due to their "alternative" appearance. The Axis: Reloaded is geared the same way. We won't ban you for having plastic hair, multiple piercings, or drawn-on eyebrows. The more deranged you look, the better... As long as you can pull it off. This doesn't mean fatfaced mall-metal kidlets will be allowed in just because they drew a pentagram on their face with eyeliner, nor does it mean you'll get banned for being too "normal". We just want to make it clear that we accept ALL TYPES of hot, not just Barbie & Ken clones.

As for our members... We are NOT NICE. Do not post your pics expecting to have your ass kissed unless you truly are God's gift to the world. We don't pull punches, and we don't do pity votes. If you're ugly, you'll know it without a doubt by the time you leave here. Expect the worst.