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I'm having fun :D

He he, this is great. You know there's this new rating community.... can't really remember the name.... someone plugged it on here. It's hilarious! Firstly they are totally phobic of drawn on eyebrows....wtf? They wouldn't know style if it smashed their pretty faces in with a hammer. I was invited to join and so I did, posted my pics and so far I've pretty much been torn apart. It's trés hilarious though. I've never been called 'ugly' before..... (what does it mean?! :P) Anyway, my point here is the Axis is by far the best. We all knew that anyway but I have decided to remove myself from all others and remain loyal to the Axis. Long live all you uglybashers :D

Why be text only when you can be.....


Oh yeah, and one of the founders/mods posted in here and...... We tore it apart! Needless to say, ego bruising and running away with tail between legs ensued. Ha fucking ha.
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ahaha, i bet they're super ugleh!
& hahaha i love these people who phear drawn on eyebrows :D i remember joining nonuglies and being told basically that i would have been attractive enough, but unfortunately, i dont have eyebrows *cry*
ahaha *cackle*
aw chick you are teh hotness <3
It's fucking H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!! They're all really plain and boring. They've all got tres bushy eyebrows cuz 'they like the natural look'. How grizzay?! Anyway, as I was saying, they were obviously so intimidated by my uber-superior(!) axis hotness that they all shat themselves and realised that if they didn't get me outta their community they would all wither away and die. For shame! Bunch o' wankers. They are more than welcome to eachother!

Some may mistake this for bitterness but in actual fact it is disbelief at how ugly ppl continually find beauty in one another.... 'HELLO, IT'S NOT FUCKING THERE!!!'

Thanks very much beautiful sexyhead :D You are grrrrrrrrrreat (rawr) ♥
Which comm is that? Most of them have a pb with drawn on eyebrows, try foxy_fiends, it's quite good.

Are you busy this week-end or one of the next we? We should hang out!
That would be drop_dead I believe. Stupid cunts rejected me..... I MEAN ME!!! Dunno what they're missing :P

I get weekends off soon :D So, I am planning to go to Camden in a coupla weeks to get my navel sorted out. We should hook up.